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DIY Canvases

DIY CANVASES are offered to if you are an purchasing INTERNATIONALLY and want to avoid some of the shipping costs. If you are in the USA, you can order the pictures directly printed onto the canvases.

Ordering your own canvases is really quite easy. Think of it this way. You find the digital image, put it in your cart and purchase it. The download link appears immediately on your device and in your email. PLEASE NOTE: THE LINK IS NOT THE JPEG! You need to DOWNLOAD the product from the LINK provided to you at the time of purchase. You have 30 days to download it from the link. After that the link goes POOF. I'm sorry that I can't do anything for you at that point, you will have to repurchase the JPEG. This is not to say that you have to use the JPEG for the 30 days, you just have to download it! Once you download the JPEG, it will sit on your device until you delete it. Make sure you store it in a safe place so that if you want it again, you can find it.

A JPEG is a digital picture. It's just like if you take a picture with your phone or camera. It's the physical picture. They come in different sizes. You will need the larger sizes to make a portrait out of it.


OK, once you've purchased the JPEG and DOWNLOADED it from the LINK you now have the ability to order a picture. Below is a video for more detailed explanation on how to do this at one of the companies in the US. Please pay attention to the sizes as they vary. Small digital downloads cannot be used for large canvases. Each detailed description tells you the top size that you can use. Resolutions vary depending on the printer.

There are 2 kinds of DIGITAL DOWNLOADS offered in my store.

1. CRAFTER downloads are for crafts only. It has a low resolution and size and cannot be used to print canvases or pictures. Files are smaller and are $5 or under. These can be used for decopage, putting in small frames or making greeting cards or tags. Don't try to purchase these to print on canvases because the quality will not be there for you.

2. PORTRAIT downloads are for both crafts and can be uploaded to print canvases. Please watch the sizes as not all are suitable to go very large.


All digital downloads are for personal use only and not to be used on products for resale. These particular JPGS are under my copyright as I've digitally painted, sourced and sized them. Using them to print canvases to sell retail would violate copyright. Thanks for understanding. If you really want to use my painted pictures to sell, please contact me for a license.

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