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From Dining Room to Living Room Transformation/DIY

One week after making my dining room so adorable for Easter, I'm changing it all up again. I mean I really don't need a dining room. I have a tavern with seating for 11 and a kitchen with seating for another 10 and then another kitchen with seating for 2 or more. That's enough seating. Oh and I have a patio with tables and seating for at least 10 more. That's 33 people that can sit by the table. If you add the huge picnic table by the barn there is room for at least 40 people to sit by tables and if you turn the art tables into dining that adds 10 more. Thats 50 people that can dine at tables at one time. So what on earth did I need that dining room for anyway? Guess I needed it because I had a vision and wanted to create it - and now it's done and I've moved on. I found some furniture on FB Marketplace that I felt needed to come home with me to my house! Watch what I mean?

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