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Alice to be a Regular on the Channel!

About a year ago we visited Alice's charming New England primitive home for the first time. Althought the cape she originally bought on the property was an original, it was in such rough shape that she tore it down and rebuilt a cape on the property. It's GORGEOUS!

But I don't have to try and convince you. Just take a look at the video here and you'll see. The home is filled with lots of antique clothing, toys, furniture and all kinds of antique collectibles. Her home is her castle and you can tell by how much joy she takes in each little detail!

Alice also sells her wares at Primitive Goods in Uxbridge, MA. After a lifetime of avid collecting, she knows a lot about primitives and antiques. Thankfully, she is going to share her knowledge with us on the channel. So sit back and enjoy the NEW Ask Alice series!

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