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Perfect Primitive Portraits - easy and affordable!

Here it is!! Primitive portraits for all you prim lovers who want to make a beautiful impact on your home and your walls. I've looked everywhere for them and they are either too shiny, or printed on cardboard or grainy or just too expensive! So I came up with a plan! If you look them up on the internet and try to upload them to a canvas company - you are going to get poor quality, grainy images. SOOO I'm taking them into my photography programs, working on them and then uploading higher quality prints for you to purchase as a digital download and you can send them into canvas companies. I'm going to include affiliate links on my site for you so that you can use the places that I love and that I know will give you a nice product. Then you can order your supplies on my amazon store where I have them all marked out for you and they will come to your door! it's that easy!

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