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About The Primitive Home

by Anne Clay

In 2017, Tom and Anne purchased a primitive homestead in Connecticut, complete with outbuildings and a post and beam barn built in the late 1700's. It seemed to make sense to start a YouTube channel to share their adventure as they decided to fix it up and turn it into a Country Inn/Retreat Center. 

Soon the renovation project took on a whole new form as Anne continued to decorate and redecorate her home as if it were a doll house. Then the pandemic hit along with some serious health problems. Tom was laid off from his job and life started to change. Because Anne could not entertain guests in the home, nor teach yoga classes, the YouTube channel took on new importance. Purchasing things on-line became more important too as people hunkered down in their houses.

Anne has become committed to content creating - sharing decorating tips, shopping trips, hearthside recipes and special art for primitive homes. a

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