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Early American Decor Parlor Spring Refresh

My 1780's New England Early American Homestead is a really fun home to refresh for the seasons. I love to play with my Early American Decor. Here's a video of my Early American redo. I added curtains with a colonial wallpaper design that I created on my website. I also added a Dornier rug with a colonial tavern sign design. It felt like my entire room was filled with items that I design - which made it super fun. I designed a few portraits for the wall. I love the one called The Twins of the two children with their puppy. And I love the portrait of the young woman in her hat that brings warmth and brightness to the room. Miss Jane is what I call her! I just love Early American Decor!

So I also added in some DIY's that I offer for free on my website for the time being!

Sometimes it is fun to listen to what is going on in someone's mind while they are decorating - and for that reason I have this video on my youtube channel (Anne Clay Early American). Here's the video~ Enjoy!

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