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How to make a massage room

Ok, I'm guilty as charged. I have changed this room around so many times and each time I say "This is the way it's going to stay". And yet it never does! The other day I decided that we were going to turn this tiny room back into a bedroom.

You see, the city wants us to have 5 guest bedrooms to be zoned a Country Inn. We have 4 in the house but many outside. So I decided that this would have to be a single guest bedroom. But then, thanks to Tom, we made other plans.

My plan is to run retreats out of the house, and what do many of these people want? Massages, pampering, time to sit by the fire with wine in hand and catch up on all the news with their friends. They like yoga and crafts and sleeping in unique, beautifully decorated rooms and they love to eat good food! So, what's the perfect compliment to that recipe? It's a massage room!! And how does one decorate a massage room? Boho of course.

Massage rooms are meant to have thick textured wall hangings in muted, natural colors. They like macrame and windchimes. Wood and earthtones are what's in order in a boho room along with treasures picked up on international travels. The natural skin of animals on a solid wood drum reminds us of meditation and goes well tucked nicely in the corner. Finally books on healing, meditation, prayer, relaxation and the arts sets the tone for relaxation and health.

I do not do the massages myself. I have a person. She's a professional masseuse/body worker and she's amazing! How does a weekend of good food, primitive and antique shopping, yoga and a deep tissue massage sound to you??

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