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early american art

Inspiring Art to Help You Achieve a Period Look

There is no easier way to set the stage in your home than through wall art! We provide you with many options to fit every individual's taste. Early American pieces look wonderful in Primitive, Colonial and any kind of Early American Home. However, they also look great in a modern home, blown up large for the wall. All of our paintings are printed on canvas and wrapped around a pine frame. The sides are all finished in black so that you can hang them directly on the wall. Please pay attention to the canvas depths' as you order. If you plan on framing them, please choose a .75 inch depth for easiest framing.

Framing Available Upon Request!


It's easy to get overwhelmed when you are looking for just the right portrait for your walls. Some people look for that special portrait that will be displayed for many years, others, such as myself, love to change things seasonally.  It's your home and your rules. I have another category in my shop marked "SEASONAL CANVAS" which brings you all original Anne Clay designs to change out for the seasons. This is the page where you will start on your journey through Early American Portraits organized by category.

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early american artists

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